Pemko door bottoms -


A range of innovative solutions to improve thermal insulation, reduce energy loss and provides weather tightness by excluding draughts, rain, fumes, dust, light and noise


 Automatic door bottoms
The Pemko Automatic Door Bottom is an aluminium case surrounding a movable drop-bar seal incorporating a low force mechanism. This low friction solution provides a positive seal whilst also promoting easy access for young or old and those with a mobility problem. 

  • Energy saving
  • Effective superior seal
  • Suits openings with irregular surfaces
  • Non-handed and reversable
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Suitable for wood and metal doors
  • Certified performance

Door Shoes
Pemko offers an innovative range of door shoes for internal and external doors providing high performance energy conservation, weather protection and enhanced security

Overhead Drip Bar
A simple and effective device to ensure weather protection at an external door head exposed to the elements.

Door Bottom Rain Drip Bar
Suitable for 'opening out' external doors in exposed situations where extreme weather conditions are experienced.