Software Costs per Master Key System - Licence Fee - Software Costs per Master Key System - Licence Fee


The eCLIQ Web Manager provides high security functions and a process regarding data management of the end customer's locking system.

To securely access the cloud hosted environment you need a desktop programmer and a control key; the control key acts as your username and the desktop programmer allows the eCLIQ Web Manager to read that key.

You will also require a software license. Software pricing is based on the size of the system and comes
in three or four parts depending on your system.


  • Internet application for multiple administrators
  • Particularly suitable for managing very large locking systems as well as locking systems spread out over multiple locations
  • Convenient search functions as well as intelligent assignment and filter functions optimise its operation
  • User-friendly, requires less training because of its straightforward design and "step-by-step" user guidance
  • Central server and data storage - completely network-compatible client/server design
  • Simple installation and administration through platform-independent design
  • Used on the client by way of a standard web browser
  • Network connections, 128-bit SSL encryption as well as the security afforded by software certificates on client and server
  • Log-in done with programming key and personal PIN code
  • Pricing is based on the total number of locking cylinders and keys within a locking system





Ordering options
1-50 CLIQ Products
51-200 CLIQ Products
201-500 CLIQ Products
501-2000 CLIQ Products
2000-3000 CLIQ Products
1000 Additional Products