Service & Maintenance



Maintenance contracts are available to enssure the continued life and security of your installation.

Once our product is in place whether it be an single pass lock or a large installation such as in a prison it is important that correct maintenance is carried out to ensure the life and security of the product. We have a team of dedicated maintenance engineers working hard to ensure that the maximum security of every single lock is maintained.

Key Audit

An essential part of maintaining high levels of security in establishments.

The efficiency and secure running of any establishment whether it be a secure training centre or a maximum security prison requires the correct use and maintenance of its keys. A Key Audit can help detect future problems and by ensuring the correct keys are being used in the correct way in the correct locations increase the overall efficiency and security of an establishment.

Our key audit includes:

  • Inspection of and condition of keys
  • Audit of key log to actual keys
  • Identification of missing and damaged keys
  • Verification of correct use of keys


With over 200 years of experience in the design and manufacture of locks you can be assured that a CLCS lock will be of the very highest quality offering the most reliable and secure solution available. Maintaining the maximum security of a lock requires the correct installation. 

Options include:

  • The complete installation and communicating of security products to new and refurbished establishments
  • Upgrades to existing locking requirements
  • Service contracts
  • Full technical support on all locking requirements to new and existing projectsSecurity locking surveys carried out on all custodial/secure establishments with full reports submitted


The High Security & Safety team of detention security experts offer various forms of inspection and analysis to ensure that an establishment is achieving the required level of security.

Some of the procedures involved include:

  • Inspection of installed products ensuring correct functionality
  • Verification of correct locks fitted in correct areas
  • Verification of correct doors and gates being used
  • Verification of correct use of products and systems
  • These inspections also ensure warranty requirements are met


Working with architects at the start of a project to establish locking and keying schedules.

Our team of detention security experts offer a professional consultancy service providing advice and practical demonstration of the available detention products and systems.

Our professionalism and knowledge make us first port of call for architects responsible for the successful design and construction of some of the most secure establishments in the world.