Secure Healthcare


Providing a range of doors and locks sensitive to and suitable for patients who require treatment and care in conditions of high security. Products are designed to be safe and secure and assist in providing a recovery focused environment for patients and staff.

High Security & Safety Group works with clients whose requirements differ slightly from the normal custodial environment. In an increasing number of new projects, end users whose desired levels of security are not as high as others are demanding more in the overall look of the locks and the way in which they blend in with the surroundings. Rather than focusing solely on the suitability of the product from a security perspective our design and development team work closely to, wherever possible, preserve the aesthetics of the environment.

Commonly used locks for bedrooms include, but are not limited to, the 3F56, 3G112 MK2 & 3G112 Mk3.

The 3R633R63 (with DIF Sensor) and 3A63 locks are also popular choices, along with the 1K52 handcuffs.