Prison, Immigration, Young Offender Institutes, Correctional Facilities and Detention Centre Solutions

As a major supplier of custodial products to prison authorities both nationally and globally, we have continued to adapt to the ever changing demands of custodial environments.

It is the ability to always stay ahead of the next aggressive idea that enables our door sets to deliver the ultimate in custodial performance. As well as the more traditional cell locks and pass locks, The CLCS range has also developed and implemented the definitive ATLAS® (Advanced Technology Lock Access System) technology within many custodial environments, in response to demands for a more integrated, computer based locking system.

Police Custody Solutions

Our Police custody doors, locks, fixtures fittings and equipment are designed, manufactured and installed to meet the exacting standards set down by the UK Home Office to mitigate the risk of detainees harming themselves whilst in custody. Doors and locks are designed to ensure the custody officers can operate them in a safe and secure manner.

New Eastern Command and Custody Facility

Court Solutions

We provide a wide range of doors, locks and furniture for Magistrates, Crown and Combined Courts together with courts overseas. Products follow the same design philosophy as other custodial establishments but designed specifically to meet the individual requirements of the court services. Door sets can be supplied with or without locks depending on the type of court.