Testing / Assembly


Tests are continually carried out to prove the strength and durability of High Security & Safety products.

For more testing information on a specific lock, please refer to the individual product pages listed here or call our technical sales team on  ++44 (0)1902 364600.

Tests carried out on our products include:

  • Bolt cutting tests
  • Body impact tests
  • Torque attack tests
  • Drill attack tests
  • Shear attack tests
  • Durability Testing

Tests are carried out on the durability of locks under normal operating conditions, eg:

  • Number of key operation
  • Number of handle operations
  • Solenoid operation (electric locks)
  • Weather Resistance (Salt spray test)
  • Door slams (locks with a latch)

Results for specific locks can be found on the relevant product pages or please contact us for more information.