Product Innovation


Customer driven products that offer real world solutions

Working with our customers is an integral part of our product development. Innovation stems from the partnership between our design engineers and the customers who specify, implement and maintain the products and systems that we provide.

Having a 'can do' approach to all customer enquiries enables us to develop multi-layered perspectives on operating requirements. Sometimes, it can be the simplest request that renders the greatest long-term benefit to the client - as in the case of Thames Valley Police, utilising our control technology to not only maintain security and audit capabilities, but also to provide environmental control, too.

Working with aesthetics is vital, too. Whether the lock presence needs to be overt or subtle is, in the case of high secure environments, integral to the overall strategy of the establishment. Working with our clients, we develop an in depth understanding of the strategic, as well as the security role of our products, and it is upon this understanding that we develop custom versions of our globally recognised products.

Innovation focuses not only on the continual testing and strengthening of products, but also on the manner in which those in custody respond to the locking products, the sophistication of attack methods, as well as the 21st Century requirement for harder working product solutions, with multi-level operational capabilities.

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