Design & Development


Our product development is driven by customer requirements for changing operational needs.

It makes sense that we should work to a sector-based solution rather than try to apapt an environment to accommodate our products. We have worked hard to always put the client first by developing our understanding of individual and, in some cases, unique security situations.

Through customer driven product innovation we have continued to develop our design facilities and to ensure that all of our products are able to meet customer requirements by subjecting them to our own rigorous testing regime.

We strive to constantly exceed customer expectations and to provide excellent products, backed up by exemplary service and support. Our continued success and postion as market leader in custodial locking solutions can only be maintained by closely monitoring technological changes and the ever-evolving challenges faced within custodial environements.

If you wish to discuss a future project or are ready to discover in more detail how we can work together and best meet your needs, please contact us today