How we can help


Working with design teams

We are happy to share our knowledge and work with design teams on specific projects.

We can add value at the early stages of design to ensure that the benefits of location, integration with other systems, and functionality of physical security is optimised. We can also bring clarity to the often baffling jargon behind door and ironmongery schedules, and help to rationalise specifications to achieve cost effective solutions and maintain legislative compliance. We will:

  • develop and standardise specs where appropriate;
  • provide door schedules;
  • provide ironmongery schedules;
  • provide options/variants
  • compatability testing of product combinations
  • global sourcing

We understand what’s possible

  • we understand the issues and advise on appropriate solutions
  • we understand how different environments affect solutions
  • we understand legislation and where it is generally heading

We understand the challenges

  • we appreciate the constraints designers are under – budget, time, detailed knowledge etc
  • we can help alleviate your workload
  • we will specify compatible solutions and ensure that ironmongery turns up on site, right first time, for contractors to fit.
  • we help to reduce damage and installation time and will specify to suit contractors installation methods
  • all flush ironmongery is factory fitted, remaining ironmongery delivered in door packs
  • we can reduce congestion on site and deliver in modules to suit the work programme

Lifecycle test data

We have been compiling our own test data for the durability and ruggedness of doorsets and typical door use frequency for a variety of situations. We have been running a 6 month trial with over 20 health and education institutions monitoring several hundred doors. By correlating this data, we can determine the quality of doorset required in relation to its required lifecycle and projected use and specify accordingly.

Integration with technology

We work with a number of internal and external organisations to maximise the benefits of tried and tested technology in new combinations and formats. The benefits are that we deliver increased functionality without the risks of new development. We also identify ideal solutions that use both new and existing technology.

We regularly draw together disciplines such as access control, biometrics, FM, IT and ICT.

Service times and costs

At the end of a project we provide you with a maintenance schedule with costs. One of our current innovations is a maintenance regime programme which allows you to note details for each door.

Risk assessments

We will work with the client and design team to identify and quantify risk within our field of knowledge, and propose methods of mitigating the risk. We are able to comment on the layout and positioning of doors in relation to their function, as well as ironmongery and associated hardware to comply with legislation.


We provide a number of different levels of training from that typically carried out at handover. This ranges from maintenance regimes to helping large client estates departments understand and develop their own Master Key systems.

Single source

We provide clients with the ability to use a single source for the procurement, delivery, installation and maintenance for all their access requirements. We become one easily identifiable point of contact and ensure that all issues are promptly responded to.

Guaranteed performance

We carry out our own test programmes – not just for individual components but also in combinations – both within a test lab and out in the field. We provide guarantees that relate to real world practice.

We can also arrange client trials before proposals are approved.


We are always developing new, innovative solutions through:

  • incremental innovation drawn from existing product data and feedback which may allow us to reduce or rationalise the manufacturing process to enable a product to be built more economically;
  • increasing or changing the functionality of a product following user feedback on what might help them in the future.
  • understanding the needs of a new user or situation which requires the complete design and development of a new product
  • a new combination of existing technologies to deliver a new solution.

Challenge us

We believe we have solutions for most situations – if you know of a problem – challenge us to resolve it.

If we don’t have an existing solution we have in-house R&D and UKAS approved test labs to develop new and bespoke solutions.