The challenges


Combining security, safety and convenience is a challenging task for today’s education facilities. With responsibilities to students, staff, visitors and the local community, schools and colleges demand customised security solutions.

Value for Money

With the total PFI deal pipeline over the next five years in new universities, schools, hospitals and social housing totalling some 200 projects worth £26 billion in capital value comes a responsibility to ensure that decisions are based upon established “value for money” principles.

Providing a positive experience

In addition to their cost and longevity new facilities must have a positive impact upon their community. The perceived value of a building is often a combination of experiences. Visual, tactile & functional. Experiences of long-term residents, short-term visitors and those who may only have momentary contact.

Meeting the needs of frequent users

The large majority of community investment will cater for those in society who will call these buildings home. Often their needs and aspirations will only be met with specialist input and innovative thinking.

Developing a culture of safety

Everyone has a right to feel and be safe. Security and access considered at the earliest stages of design will create an increased culture of safety from the outset. The challenge to provide security for those frequent users whilst utilising the facility for the wider community can be a positive stimulus.

Improved access for all

The strength of any community stems from its diversity. A mix of youth and experience, of different colours and beliefs. The need for inclusive communities with equal access has to be heavily influenced by the use of its facilities.