Loughborough University - ASSA CLIQ® Remote


Highly regarded for its sporting facilities and sports education, Loughborough University is ranked among the top 13 in all three major UK university rankings. The university entrusted ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions with creating a new, consistent and overarching security design manual, for NCSEM and other buildings.

A key part of the new security design is ASSA CLIQ® Remote mechatronic locking technology. To date, over 100 ASSA CLIQ® Remote cylinders have been installed, alongside 6 ASSA CLIQ® Remote wall programming devices for remote updating of user keys and access rights. Up to 5,000 doors will be potentially targeted for integration with the ASSA CLIQ® Remote system.

No extra wiring is needed, because locks are powered by a battery inside the programmable ASSA CLIQ®  Remote key.

With ASSA CLIQ® Remote, building managers can grant access remotely, or block lost and stolen keys, using just a simple, web-based interface.

This minimises the wastage in time and money incurred by replacing a mechanical lock. It’s easy to generate an audit trail – to record who has opened exactly which locks, and when.