Online Door Designer - an online application for our approved trade partners


Design4Doors is an innovative online application that enables our approved trade partners to design their own doors.

The service makes it easy for users to select from a number of features in order to create an overall doorset that meets specific project requirements.

Bespoke doorsets are easily configured as the application enables you to:

  • Input required heights and widths
  • Choose from a variety of frame types
  • Select performance specifications
  • Add vision panels or louvred options
  • Add hardware solutions

Through direct integration between Design4Doors and the CNC machinery in our factory, the chosen design can be seamlessly progressed into production.

This seamless transition from customer to manufacture reduces risk of error and ultimately shortens lead-times, therefore offering the industry a true world-class service.

Design4Doors not only generates a tailored drawing but also provides the user with a job specific quotation, which can easily be converted to an order online.
If you require further assistance, please contact Steven Cunningham at or 07824 327648.

To access the application please visit


Tel: 0800 358 8312 or 0207 550 2523

Passcode: 6629744#


Please let Sarah know if unable to dial in. Sarah will also keep you informed if this call has been cancelled due to other commitments ahead of the scheduled time

How to use Design4Doors