The Bloomsbury Institute - ASSA CLIQ® Remote

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One of the UK’s top business and management schools delivers full-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, accounting, finance and law, which are awarded by the University of Northampton.

The sheer number of people using the Institute’s buildings meant that its existing mechanical master key system was simply no longer feasible, unable to provide adequate protection for areas that might hold sensitive information, such as exam scripts.

As a result, the Bloomsbury Institute needed a flexible access control system that would be easy to maintain, granting secure access to individuals as and when needed, while delivering greater key control too.

The answer was ASSA CLIQ® Remote, which has been installed throughout the Bloomsbury’s Institute’s 7 Bedford Square teaching site, and selected areas within the institute’s 99 Gower Street building.

The Bloomsbury Institute can now programme and update each key remotely, removing or granting access privileges for the key holder in real time.

ASSA CLIQ® Remote also provides a full audit trail for assured peace of mind, and has the functionality to create time-defined user keys, only allowing access to an individual for a specified period of time.