Hean Castle Estate

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Covering over 1,200 acres, the Hean Castle Estate owns and manages a diverse portfolio of land and property. ASSA CLIQ® Remote provided the estate with a flexible and fullproof access control system allowing managers to stay in control of access rights across the site, at all times.

The system was first installed in the Estate’s administrative office and a series of adjoining workshop buildings, and has been expanded across the site ever since. Almost 80 cylinders and padlocks have been fitted, with 40 CLIQ® keys in use and seven wall PD units installed, which allow users to update their key credentials without having to visit an administrator.

The award winning ASSA CLIQ® Remote provides all of the benefits of access control, combined with all of the benefits and security of a physical key system – offering a flexible modern way of managing access to a door. 

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